Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March homework

Now that our hard work for concours is behind us, students will begin getting back into routine with a similar homework schedule they we had before the winter break.

Next week, students will be given a new set of Dictée words to study and we will continue to rotate on a weekly basis between Dictée and Spelling words. (I will publish a reminder post next Monday, when students get their word list).

Now that we have begun working with basic multiplication facts, students will be working with a different multiple each week and will be tested with a "mini multiplication quiz". For example, this week we are studying our 2 times table, so next Monday students will be writing a small quiz on x 0, x 1, and x 2. Next week, we will be studying the 3 times table, so students will then be writing a quiz on x 0, x 1, x 2, and x 3 on the following Monday. This routine will continue into April, until students have mastered up to the 10 times table. **Students will be provided with daily questions, practice sheets, and games, but are encouraged to study at home with flash cards, "quizzing", or multiplication games and apps.

T.U.S.C. will resume after Spring Break.

To summarize: Dictée and Spelling will resume next Monday (I will hand out word lists on Monday), there will be a multiplication quiz every Monday from now until the end of April, no T.U.S.C. until April.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Mme. Buchanan

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