Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spring Break

Good morning!

It's hard to believe that Spring Break is already upon us! I know students have a busy schedule planned for next week, so there will not be too much homework assigned over the break.

I do encourage them to still do home reading and Xtra Math at least twice throughout the break. If they have time, I have also asked them to begin looking up pictures of their researched country that they would like to use for their poster boards. They can either print them out at home or email them to me to be printed out.

There will also be a multiplication quiz on April 4th. This will allow me to determine if they have retained their multiplication facts up to multiples of 5 or if we will need to do a quick review our first week back.

Possible topics this week: Multiples of 5, Wonder, Jelly Bean graph activity, Teacher vs. Student basketball

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and much deserved Spring Break!
Mme Buchanan

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