Friday, 20 November 2015

Winter is here!

Yesterday was a lot of fun out in the snow...but some students were quite wet. Would you please put a ziplock bag in your child's backpack with a full change of clothes: socks, underwear, pants and a t-shirt.

Also, please be sure to send an extra pair or two pairs of mitts. With 3 recesses outside mitts can be soaking and very cold by last recess.
A reminder that all students should now be wearing winter boots, snow pants, a winter jacket, a scarf or neck warmer, mitts, and a toque. Recess is much more fun when you're dressed to play in the snow.
Lastly, please ensure all your child's outerwear is well labeled with their name and last initial. If the item is lost or taken accidentally by someone with the same item it makes finding the owner much easier. 

Thank you for your anticipated support in keeping your child warm, dry and comfortable at school.

Enjoy the snow!

Mme. Buchanan

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