Monday, 16 November 2015

Dictée and Spelling

Today students are bringing home their first dictée word list to study. Each student has two copies, one in their binder to study at school and another to bring home for studying. Based on the parent survey, students will be expected to study at home, yet they will also be provided time during their Daily 5 centres twice a week to practice writing out their words as well.

The first set of dictée words are based on French numbers. Students did a mini quiz today to determine which numbers they know. Students were given one of four dictée word lists to study based on what numbers they do or do not know. Students received time in class today to go over the word lists. Most students are comfortable with saying their French numbers aloud, but I can certainly send home a recording of the words if needed.

Students will have one week to study their dictée words and be provided with a Spelling word list for the following week. Students will continue to alternate between dictée and Spelling. Our first dictée test will be written on Monday, November 23rd, and they will be provided with a set of Spelling words on that same day to write for the following Monday.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you,
Mme. Buchanan

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