Friday, 30 January 2015

J'aime lire

Today we were joined by Virgin Radio's Ace Burpee who read us the story, "The Bulliest Dozer" by hockey player Eric Fehr. He left us the autographed copy of the book as a thank you for being such awesome hosts and listeners!

You can check out Virgin Radio's Instagram shout-out to our class by clicking on the link bellow! :)

Be sure to tune in Monday morning to the Ace Burpee Show for an on-air shout out!


  1. There is one thing me & Ace Burpee have in commen the thing is we both like to read.
    Then theres one thing we dont have in commen is he plays sports I dont, infact I dont like sports. But what I like about Ace Burpee is that he is funny, awesome, and lots more. It's fun having Ace Burpee at our school. I wonder who or what is the next surprise maybe a class pet I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That was the best day ever, Ace Burpee said my teddy bear's name Mysterious was the best teddy bear name, and it wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for Mme. Buchanan THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!!!!!!
    Carson!!!! =]

  3. It was fun. I liked the book that he read! It was a nice book. I still can not believe that Mme let Ace Burpee come to our school!!! She is awesome! I wonder if she will do it again??? Mme Buchanan is the best teacher i ever had. I hope our next surprise is a class party!!! I think that the class would love a class party with cupcakes!
    - FROM SOPHIA!!!!!!!!

  4. Ace Burpee really liked my glasses. That was the best day ever!!!!!

  5. He is so funny and weird.I am happy that mme got Ace Burpee .The book he read us is the book that his hockey player friend wrote and we got the only book that the hockey player signed his name.It was really cool to meet him!

  6. I liked how Ace Burpee spinned a book on his head. If we have another surprise I would want him to come again :)


  7. Kiana's really wished she could have been there!

  8. I liked that Mme.Buchanan asked Ace Burpee to come to our class! I had a great time getting to know him, and hearing him read the story the Bulliest Dozer.I thought it was cool to see Ace Burpee spin a book on his head. I hope we can have a surprise just like this one!!!!

    - Sydnee