Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Concours d'art research

Students have been given time last week and this week to take turns with the i-pads to do some research for their French speeches. They were also encouraged to take out a non-fiction book about their topic yesterday during the library period. I have asked students to complete their research for this Friday so that we can begin writing our first rough paragraph.
The non-fiction books and research can be done in English, as students will have the opportunity to translate once they begin writing their rough draft. Students have a purple concours package and have been provided with three sheets for taking notes during their research (the first sheet is the third page of the booklet). 
Below is a picture of the example of the research sheet that I did with them in class.

Students have chosen three main ideas or subtopics for their speech. They need to write their subtopic ("sous-titre") in the left column and have space to jot down their notes from their research. They need to start a new box once they start researching for a different subtopic.

** I have asked students to not use wikipedia for their research!!

Thank you,
Mme. B.

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